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Top 5 signs that you need a closet audit

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Do you have a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear?
Top 5 signs that you need a closet audit

1) You stand in front of your closet full of clothes, but have nothing to wear. This is a common problem especially since we live in a consumer culture and it’s so easy to shop. We make impulse purchases or buy something because it’s such a great deal we can’t pass it up.
2) You have items you try on, but they always go back on the hanger. Maybe you just don’t feel comfortable in it or it isn’t “you”. Do you know your body type and what is most flattering?
3) The YouTube fashionista you follow recommended her top essential clothing items and you bought them all hoping to simplify your life, but none of these items go with anything else in your wardrobe.
4) You’ve gained or lost some weight. Let’s face it, as women our bodies change over time and our favorite jeans don’t flatter us like they used to.
5) The life you live and the wardrobe you have don’t go together. Maybe you used to go to a corporate office, but now find yourself working from home. Perhaps you’ve changed careers altogether.
If any of these signs resonate with you, don’t despair! Book a closet audit today and I will help you put together a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle and personality to a T. Click on the “Image Consulting” link at the top and schedule your appointment today! Please email with any questions you have or to find out more about a virtual closet audit.

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