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Top 3 tips to achieve perfect curls

Are you a wavy, curly, or spiral girl? Do you struggle with frizz, curl definition, an easy morning hair routine? Here are my top 3 tips to achieve perfect curls!

1) Plopping. Begin with freshly washed and conditioned hair. Spray your hair with leave in conditioner then apply your curl products. I love O&M know knot or HairpHix daily primer for your leave in conditioner. HairpHix volumizing gel & styling Creme or O&M style guru, or Oway curly potion for your styling products.

scrunch upwards to define curls and distribute products. Your hair should be wet enough to hear it squish.

Lay a long sleeve cotton t-shirt on a counter or bed with the sleeves closest to you. Flip your head upside down and lower your head into the  center of the t-shirt so your curls accordion into the material.

Fold the bottom of the shirt over your head so it’s laying across the nape of your neck. Grab the shirt sleeves and tie them in a knot behind your head. Leave on for 20 minutes and then either air dry or diffuse.

voila,  Perfect frizz free curls!

2) Pineapple. This nighttime trick will give you gorgeous curls with less effort in the morning. Simply bend your head forward and loosely gather your hair on top of your head. I love the invisibobble for this because it’s comfortable and doesn’t leave marks in your hair.

3) pillowcase. A silk pillowcase is a wonderful investment for anyone, but especially those of us with curls. Have you ever gone to bed with your hair looking fabulous only to wake up with frizz and straighter bits and think “Great, now I have to start over”? A silk pillowcase solves this problem.

Silk breathes so it doesn’t retain heat, it wicks away moisture, and your hair can slide across the surface without the fibers pulling your curls apart or creating static.

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