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Learn how to apply your makeup with a step by step lesson.

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Color Alliance Color Analysis

Color Analysis

“The best color in the world is the one that looks good on you”
– Coco Chanel

What colors make you look healthier and more vibrant? Do you look better in cool or warm color clothing, accessories, and makeup? You can have your own “before and after” transformation!

We use a highly individualized computer analysis of your skin, hair, and eye colors to determine your unique color harmony. From the analysis results, we prepare a custom palette of forty colors that harmonize with your coloring and give advice in wardrobe coordination.

The palette comes in a small zippered case; perfect for shopping. You will also receive a beauty makeover lesson in your best colors which completes your transformation.


Signia Silhouette Analysis

Silhouette Analysis

What type of hairstyles or eye glass shapes work best on you? Do you know what is your best style in clothing, neckline, or accessories? Discover this and more with a Signia Consultation, a computerized silhouette analysis.

As you find out your face shape and body balance, you’ll learn what styles harmonize the best with you, as well as how to enhance your best features, de-emphasize figure flaws, and add or minimize height and weight.

You’ll also learn what clothing qualities to look for and how to coordinate a versatile wardrobe. A guidebook written just for you is included to assist you as you shop.


Closet Audit

Closet Audit

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”
– Rachel Zoe

Most people wear only 10% of what is in their closet. Get out of the “fast fashion” trap and learn how to choose the right clothing for your shape and lifestyle.  Tracey will go shopping in your closet and help you put together outfits that suit your coloring, body silhouette, and personal life style. It will be fun and educational, providing you with helpful tips on how to dress your best, while simplifying your wardrobe so you don’t waste any more money on clothing you won’t wear. Clear the clutter in your closet and enjoy a wardrobe that works!

When you need help putting together a wardrobe that is both flattering and versatile, Tracey is here to assist. She can help you decide what to get rid of and what to keep, as well as provide tips and suggestions on styles to look for when shopping for your new wardrobe.

(2 hour minimum)

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